No more frustration

It’s My Turn fixes the problem of crossed calls and like a referee decides whose turn it is.

Have you ever called someone, a friend, a colleague or your partner and all of the sudden the call drops?

You call back right away only to find that unfortunately they’re doing the exact same thing, therefore they result busy for you, and you result busy for them.

Then you decide that it’s better to just wait hoping they will call you back. Only problem is that they thought the same thing. So you wait… the phone doesn’t ring… and finally you try calling again but guess what, you’re not the only one tired of waiting and the call is once again busy.

You get mad, especially if it’s an important call, so what do you do? Both of you should download It’s My Turn. The next time that you’re unlucky and the call drops, when both of you try to call each other back at the same time the app will notice and decide whose turn it is to call!

How does it work? Every time you call the app will check whether or not someone else is calling you at the same time, and if they are you will receive a notification alerting you.

Don’t worry, the app doesn’t access your contacts, nor does it extract any personal data, even your phone number is partly obfuscated in order to protect your privacy, and data is only temporarily stored on our servers.


It's My Turn is Free !

What are you waiting for? Download the app it is free ! insert your number and never worry about crossed calls again.